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At The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S., I can help you with both your federal and state tax disputes.  The Washington State Tax Code can be a challenge, not only for the business owner but also for the auditors. The Dept. of Revenue has broad authority when it comes to performing audits, but sometimes their auditors miss-interpret the code.   They are not the final word!

Among other things the Dept. of Revenue can issue tax warrants, seize assets, add penalties and interest, revoke business licenses, and even impose criminal sanctions.

If you’ve been audited and feel the outcome is not right, you have the right to Appeal.

When it comes to collecting revenue Washington State can be a bigger pain to work with than the IRS.

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At Makar Law Office we provide the following services to help you through the maze:

  • Tax collection
  • Audits
  • Appeals
  • Refunds

Since there is no income tax in Washington, most state tax disputes involve sales tax. Some people erroneously believe that this is just an issue for businesses that collect the sales tax. But the use tax may apply to ordinary individuals as well. When sales tax is at issue, there are a lot of receipts and piles of paperwork that must be organized in order to accurately demonstrate your financial situation. For example, have you made major purchases in Canada or Oregon? It is important to have the proper documentation of your personal and business transactions from out-of-state purchases.

Business Sales Tax Disputes

Many state tax issues stem from sales tax disputes with businesses. For example, used car dealers often run into problems when there is an exchange of automobiles. If you are a business owner disputing sales tax disputes with the state, I can help you get a fair tax break and avoid a small business tax lien by accurately portraying the transactions you have made.

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With over 20 years of experience as an accountant and government employee, I understand the financial and legal aspects of your tax problems. I am knowledgeable in state and federal tax laws and can help you file a complete and accurate tax return, audit, or appeal. Contact The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, today to schedule a consultation on your state tax issues with an experienced attorney.

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