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Do you not understand the decision made by the IRS agent who reviewed your taxes? Do you think the penalties are unfair? The final decision made by your auditor doesn’t have to be final. You have the option of filing an appeal, and at The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, I can help. Don’t wait for the IRS to start garnishing your wages for a tax decision you can’t afford to pay.

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If you decide to appeal the decision made by the IRS regarding your audit, your appeal will be handled by the IRS Appeals. Filing an appeal is a much more informal process than proceeding directly to tax court. The agent handling your appeal will have broader powers than the auditor, and will work with you with a fresh pair of eyes.

Steps in the IRS Appeals Process

There are several steps that must be taken when you file your appeal. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can ensure that you complete the necessary steps in a timely and thorough manner:

  • You will receive your audit decision.
  • You must decide if you are appealing the entire decision or only the ruling regarding certain assets. You do not have to appeal the entire audit.
  • Once you make your decision, you will file an appeal that will be sent to an IRS appeals officer, who will handle your case.
  • The IRS appeals officer will review your tax dispute information, and the negotiating process will begin. I can help you understand your best options during this process.

Why hire a lawyer for your IRS appeals?

Not all accountants handle IRS appeals cases. Many accountants will not take these cases if they did not handle the original audit. With over 20 years of experience as an accountant and with the government, I understand both the legal and financial aspects of the appeals process and can help guide you through it from the start to finish.

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If you think the decision made by your auditor is unfair, you have options. I can represent you before the appeals board and negotiate with the IRS appeals officer. Contact The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, today for more information.

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