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Have you been audited by the IRS? It can often be difficult to understand why the IRS has decided to audit your taxes.Most people believe they filed their taxes appropriately, and when April ends, they hope to be done for another year. At The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, I can help you arrange your tax information so it demonstrates to the IRS that the information you submitted was correct.

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If you are being audited, the IRS is essentially just questioning you. There is something about your tax returns that they don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. I can help you communicate with the IRS.

The most important part about filing an audit is to make sure you do it as thoroughly as possible. The IRS will not look favorably upon a shoebox full of receipts, and they will not put a lot of effort in wading through it for you. I can help you organize your financial information in a way that will make sense to an IRS audit representative and demonstrate the legitimacy of your claim.

Why hire a lawyer to handle your IRS audit?

I worked for over 20 years as an accountant, including several years as a tax collector for the IRS. I know what they’re looking for and how to present your information to them in a way they will understand. In the case that the IRS is unwilling to compromise, I can help explain your best options for recourse.

Best case IRS audit scenario

An audit is not a disaster. In a best case scenario, nothing about your original tax return will change. In fact, a few lucky people have even gotten money back! However, if the IRS should find an error in your returns and determines that you owe back or delinquent taxes, I can help you minimize the consequences. Communicating openly and honestly with the IRS during the audit process is the best way to avoid tax liens, charges of tax evasion, wage garnishment, and other penalties by the IRS.

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Make sure your audit is filed in a way that the IRS will understand. I can provide you the legal representation you deserve to avoid future conflicts with the IRS. Contact The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, today for more information on how I can help you with your IRS audit.

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