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Milk marketing in the United States is always in a state of change. The order changes that work well today may not fit the needs of tomorrow. Before opening The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S., I spent over nine years working for the federal milk market administrator. I have first-hand experience with the system and can help you with all your legal and tax-related dairy issues.

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I understand the wide variety of legal issues that can come up in dairy marketing cases, such as:

  • Application of existing regulations
  • Petitions to modify regulations
  • Litigation regarding agency decisions
  • Current order interpretation
  • Transactions requiring state and federal regulation
  • Application of the Capper-Volstead Exemptions for Dairy Cooperatives.
  • Working with the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Services.

How Dairy Marketing Affects Milk Prices

The nature of marketing areas changes. Pressure is also placed on markets by foreign producers of skim milk powder and other marketable commodities. The ever-changing character of markets requires new thinking outside of the box. My background with the U.S. Agricultural Marketing Services will help you with all of your dairy marketing needs.

California Dairy Marketing Orders

California has maintained the state marketing orders. While my direct experience has been with the federal orders, many of the same principles apply to California’s marketing arrangements. I can help you with those needs as well.

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With over nine years of experience as a federal milk market auditor and marketing specialist, I understand the problems specific to dairy marketing and milk pricing. I represent farm cooperatives and independent farmers nationwide. Contact The Law Office of Andrew J. Makar, P.S. in Fife, Washington, today to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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